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Immediate Medical Ambulance Aid & Subscriptions

The Aim of Ambulance Aid

The aim of Immediate Medical’s Ambulance Aid is to provide a pre-paid cover to clients for their ambulance emergencies, as well as non-emergencies and other transportation.

History of Ambulance Cover

Non-Medical Aid Cover

Medical Schemes in South Africa have always been expensive and only the “fortunate” can afford them. These schemes cover ambulance cases that fall into the prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) and/or cases that are authorised by the medical scheme.

This has left less fortunate people who cannot afford medical schemes with two options:

  1. pay for a private ambulance
  2. wait until a government ambulance is available to service their needs

Unfortunately, the government services are inundated by patients requiring their services, most of whom do not, in fact, need an ambulance but have no other choice in terms of transportation that will suit their condition or time frame.

Private ambulance services are expensive and require patients to pay for the service either before it is supplied or soon after, which the poor cannot afford.

Medical Aid Cover

Most clients covered by a medical aid have been given the wrong impression of what their medical aid covers in terms of ambulance services. At least 90 percent of medical aids do not cover all of your ambulance transportations.

The use of an ambulance is for emergencies within the PMB listing and anything out of this listing means patients must pay for the transport themselves.

This means that you may think that going to a hospital by ambulance because you have Influenza is covered when in fact this may have been over-ridden by early treatment you received a few days earlier. In other words, your scheme may see it as non-coverable.

Patients being transported from hospital to home, old age home, frail care or rehabilitation must receive authorisation from the medical scheme prior to transportation. The medical schemes are reluctant to cover these cases which generally leaves the patients with bills that they cannot afford or are unaware of.

The Immediate Medical Difference

Ambulance Aid is a new concept developed by Immediate Medical. It is key to our vision and mission.


To provide a nationwide, ambulance pre-paid service to all South African people irrespective of colour, race, creed, or background, covering transport with a set of elite specified service providers.


  • To provide an affordable monthly subscription service to all clients
  • To provide a reliable client management system for all clients
  • To provide reliable and effective servicing of the client base
  • To allow all persons the opportunity to have access to the service


Lower Class –

Our lower-class clientele will most likely live in informal settlements (Lwandle, Khayelitsha etc.). These clients may not be able to afford a comprehensive medical scheme that covers private ambulances, which in turn makes the patient reliant on the already abused Government ambulance services. The patient may not be able to afford several thousand Rand per month but can afford several hundred which will give them access to Ambulance Aid cover.

Middle + Upper Class –

Our middle and upper-class clientele are spread between people who can afford medical schemes and those who cannot afford them. If they cannot afford the medical scheme due to certain factors then the lower class scenario plays out. The portion of clients in this category who can afford medical schemes are often told that they have no choice but to use a set service, and this is anything but the truth. The ambulance that they “must” use could be more than 50 km away, which in turn could cost the patient their life. The chances are that the client is also not covered for all ambulance transportations.

Types of Cover from Immediate Medical

All types of cover have:

  • A 24-hour a day telephonic medical advice service.
  • Nationwide emergency response from a service provider (no costs covered).
  • Client database with client details, emergency details, past medical history and relevant details.
  • Client is covered for emergency response and transport while in the cover area.
  • All clients (household + business, farm owners and  managers will have access to an emergency app loaded on cellphones. This app is currently still in the development phase.


VIP Platinum

  • Only available to clients who belong to a medical scheme.
  • Peace of mind that Immediate Medical will have an ambulance and/or response vehicle available 24 hours a day.
  • Covers only emergency response and on-scene treatment.
    • Transportation is paid for by the medical scheme at medical scheme rates.
  • Assurance that if the selected medical scheme does not pay the account, then the account is written off and no shortfall will be due by the patient.
  • Transportation in non-emergency cases is paid for by available funds in membership (paid at Immediate Medical private patient rates).
  • Discovery clients (Discovery Health, La Health, Anglovaal, Lonmin, Malcor, M-Med, NASPERS, Quantum, Retail Medical Scheme, Foschini Group, Tsogo Sun, KeyCare clients) have non-emergency case transport covered by the scheme as long as the case is medically justified.
  • Should you be out of the coverage areas, Immediate Medical will dispatch one of our service providers to your location. (Costs of this is covered by the medical scheme).
  • Only transportation costs of Immediate Medical vehicles are covered by membership.
  • R1 000,00 available for cases not covered by the medical scheme (per paid up person).
  • Available funds only valid for use of an Immediate Medical ambulance.
  • Available funds do not carry over to the next year.


Adult – R30,00 per adult per month (R300,00 per annum if paid yearly)

Child – R20,00 per child per month (R200,00 per annum if paid yearly)

Family – R100,00 per family of five (5) per month (R1 000,00 per annum is paid yearly)

Admin fee of R100,00/person (once off)

VIP Diamond

  • Available to all persons with no medical aid covering emergency transport, or persons, who are on a medical scheme yet, who require more funds per year.
  • Covers for emergency response, on scene treatment and transportation to hospital covered within available funds
    • Transport to the closest most appropriate facility.
  • Non- Emergency cases covered within available funds per member.
  • R4000 per member available for emergency and non-emergency cases.
    • After depletion of funds VIP members qualify for a 50% discount on standard rates.
  • Should you be out of the coverage area, a service provider can be dispatched to your location (any costs of this will be the patient’s responsibility to settle).
  • Available funds only valid through an Immediate Medical ambulance.
  • Available funds do not carry over to the next year.

Cost –

Adult – R100.00 per adult per month (R1 000 per annum if paid yearly)

Child – R75.00 per child per month (R750 per annum if paid yearly)

Family – R450.00 per family of 5 (five) per month (R4500.00 per annum if paid yearly)

Admin fee of R100.00/person (once off)

Go to the online Household application page: CLICK HERE

or download the Household printable pdf file: CLICK HERE

View the Immediate Medical Terms & Conditions: CLICK HERE

Download the Immediate Medical Terms & Conditions: CLICK HERE


Our business cover allows businesses to cover their staff members with Immediate Medical, which in turn means that the employer is assured that should there be an incident at work they will receive the required services. This covers work-related incidents as well as medical emergencies.

It covers the business premises, while employees are at work, for emergency response and on-scene treatment. Transport is billed to the business or Workers Compensation Assistance (WCA) if covered.


Min 10 employees – R200,00 per month per business

Additional employees – R10,00 per employee per month

Go to the online Business application page: CLICK HERE

or download the Business printable pdf file: CLICK HERE

View the Immediate Medical Terms & Conditions: CLICK HERE

Download the Immediate Medical Terms & Conditions: CLICK HERE

Farm Cover

Our farm cover ensures that should an emergency occur on the owner and/or manager’s farm, or affect their workers while on the farm, Immediate Medical will provide the following:

  • 24-hour telephonic advice.
  • Emergency response and on-scene consultation.
  • Emergency transport to hospital included for non-medical schemes and/or WCA patients.
  • Emergency transport paid for by the medical scheme or WCA if in criteria.

The above cover excludes injuries or illness caused by alcohol and substance abuse.

Cost –

R800.00 per farm per month (covering up to 20 persons)

Each additional person charged at R15.00 per month

Admin fee of R1000/farm (once off)

Farm to complete application form which provides Names, ID numbers and other data for employees or labourers

Go to the online application page: CLICK HERE

or download the printable pdf file: CLICK HERE

View the Immediate Medical Terms & Conditions: CLICK HERE

Download the Immediate Medical Terms & Conditions: CLICK HERE

A Farm can increase cover over the period where more workers are on the farm (harvest time). No cards supplied for harvest workers.


Corporate (Security companies etc.)

Corporate clients can cover their individual clients for a monthly fee that only covers the client’s premises and permanent residents of the property. This cover only covers a Basic Option and should the individual client require additional services this will require the client to subscribe to these or pay when required.

Cover starts from R25,00 per home per month dependant on what is needed to be covered.

Cell captives

Businesses and or corporates may opt for a cell captive option. This is a customised option for each client and means that the client while paying a higher premium, will be allowed a financial return at the end of the term of a percentage of the remaining available funds.

Prices are available on request from Immediate Medical management and require the following information:

  • How many employees?
  • Where is cover required?
  • What is needed to be covered?

Any additional amounts charged by the provider will be the patient’s liability.

All above covers are not medical schemes, medical aid, or plans. They do not cover any hospital, doctor, or other ambulance costs (private or Government).

Coverage Areas

Each cover area will be stipulated as the bases of Immediate Medical grow.

Helderberg Area:

North – Wellington, Baines Kloof Pass

South – R44 Pringle Bay

East – Du Toits Kloof Lodge, Franschhoek Pass, N2 Grabouw

West – N2 Baden Powell Drive, R304, R312

For clients, we may extend the area in dire emergency where our services are the closest available.