Events Immediate Medical Covers

Immediate Medical provides medical support at a variety of sporting events including corporate and social outings. The events Immediate Medical covers are vast and varied. For instance, we have experience in school and club sports, road and mountain biking, trail running, various water sports, corporate functions, activities undertaken by touring groups, wilderness excursions and much more.

We are able to customise the medical requirements required by our clients, and will never compromise the safety and possible patient care offered.

All events are scaled according to the minimum requirements for an event.

We can supply:

Medics – first aiders, basic, intermediate and advanced paramedics, nurses, doctors and safety coordinators.

Vehicles – ambulances, 4×4 and 4×2 route vehicles and motor bikes.

Infrastructure – Medical tents and area setup, multi bed treatments areas and remote medical stations.

Additional – Radio communications, patient capture systems, patient monitoring systems.

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