Frequently Asked Questions

Immediate Medical FAQs have been organised into several categories: general, transfers, and events. Please contact us if you have additional questions.


Q – Where do you operate from?

A – Our head office is in Lions Square, Somerset West with an ambulance base in both Somerset West and Paarl.


Q –What are your operating hours?

A – Our ambulances are available 24 hours a day by calling our emergency number. Head office is open Monday to Friday 08h00 – 17h00.


Q – Do you have any associated services?

A – We work with a number of services such as Vetus Schola Protection Services, Helderberg Home Nursing, SAPAESA, Spescare Rehabilitation Centres and many more.


Q – Are your medics registered?

A – Yes, all our medics are registered with the HPCSA / SANC and carry all the relevant drivers’ and professional permits.


Emergency Cases and Transfers

Q – How many vehicles do you operate for transfers?

A – We currently have four ambulances operating with two additional rapid response vehicles. Three ambulances operate from the Somerset West base and one from Paarl. We are planning to place several more vehicles into the areas and open more bases.


Q – What is the furthest you can transport a patient?

A – Emergency Cases – the patient will be transported to the closest most appropriate facility.
Transfers – the patients can be transported on short and long distance throughout the whole of South Africa with the assistance of our service providers.


Q – Do I get a discount if I pay cash?

A – We do have a discounted rate for patients who wish to pay cash. You also receive discount on an account depending on how early your settle the bill.


Q – How do I contact you?

A – Either by calling our booking line on 071 501 6007, by emailing info@immediatemedical.co.za, or by completing our online booking form.


Q – Do you cover emergency cases?

A – Yes, all day every day. We assist more than 200 emergency cases a month.


Q – How fast can I arrange a pick-up of a patient?

A – Pick-ups can be arranged in a matter of minutes, and facilitated as soon as the time and facilities have been effected.


Q – Do medical aids and medical insurance schemes cover the cost of transfers?

A – All medical aids and insurances have different limitations of what they cover. We will contact your medical aid to request authorisation and advise you of their decision. (Authorisation can take several hours).
We are a service provider to the Discovery Health Group and can transport Discovery patients as long as the transportation is medically justified.



Q – How do we evaluate the requirements of an event?

A – We utilise the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2010 and also use our experience to judge what is required. This all depends on how many participants there are, as well as the terrain, the predicted weather conditions, and various other factors.


Q – Where can we facilitate the event management?

A – We can provide our event management services nationwide; we customise the event to your requirements.


Q – How do I book an event?

A – You can email info@immediatemedical.co.za, complete the event request form on the website or call 021 2044599 to discuss the needs and requirements of your event.


Q – Who do I contact for my event requirements?

A – You can email info@immediatemedical.co.za or alternatively complete our event request form.


Q – How many vehicles do you have available for events?

A – We have a number of vehicles available for events, and more can be brought in through our service providers, should the event require it.